What is the Importance of the Social Signals in SERP Ranking?

Traditional SEO strategies, for years, were the way to ensure a good search engine ranking for a website. SERP rankings are determined by some mathematical formulae in which the right anchor text links, backlinks and keywords are vital parts. But, the focus is shifted towards the quality of a site’s content. This is because of the updates in google’s Panda and Penguin versions. and now, it has shifted again to add people’s feedback with social signals.


What are the social signals?

Social signals are the likes, shares, pins, votes, views or tweets that social media users place on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media sites that filter out to the search engines like google and yahoo.

These social signals are the indication that your brand is talked about by users. Search engines consider the social signals as trusted “recommendations”. So, this improves your SERP ranking.

What can these social signals do?

  • These social signals can get you more traffic to your website. They reduce the bounce rate.
  • One page can be actually impacted by social signals from other pages within a domain. This improves the ranking criteria.
  • Liking web pages may potentially replace the backlinks. These social signals can create more exposure to public and makes more brand visibility.


What should you do?

Once you’ve launched your websites, don’t let them standstill. Update your social website accounts regularly  with diverse and attractive content like posts, votes, bookmarks, shares and re-shares and comments. Google determines a site’s ranking with these a few actions.

But always remember one thing that though social media plays a dominant role in the SERP rankings now, your concentration should still be on your targeted users. Don’t publish content as you need to publish content. Share content that your users find valuable. Engage with your customers through lively discussions and commenting, sharing visual content like videos & images, conducting contests & polls and anything else that generates positive feedback. The more value a customer grasp from your brand’s social pages, the more likely they are to like, comment and share your brand with others.

You can get these social signals in the online market. There are some vendors whose job is to sell social signals. Once you a have a thousand likes, they can generate a million likes for your page. This helps you in generating good SEO ranking, more traffic and great revenue as well.

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