What are the Different Types of Pool Liners?

The main purpose of using pool liners are to keep water inside the pool and to give an attractive look to your pool. The type of pool liner you select must be of good quality, have attractive look and should last long. If a buyer knows the different types of liners, it becomes easy for them to select the right type of swimming pool liner for their backyard pool.

Nowadays, we can find people preferring above ground liners over in-ground liners as it is less expensive and take less time for installation. Moreover, this pool liner gives different shapes of a pool which can beautify your backyard and from safety angle also it is considered to be safer from another pool liner.

Swimming Pool Liners

The different types of pool liners are:

  • Overlap pool liner:

This pool liners cost is more and hardest to install. You will not get many colors options or patterns in this form liner.

It is extended over the wall of the pool and folded along the edge so the inside of the pool remains safe below the top rail. There is the least chance of damage as it uses plastic strips.

  • J-hook pool liner:

This is not very cheap and quick to replace. J-hook liner offers a wider range of patterns and colors. It is mostly found as an EZ-bead or uni-bead

  • Regular beaded pool liner:

This offers large options in pattern selections and is very easy to install. The tracking is kept on the wall to receive the bead right into a groove with bead receiver. It requires your pool to have a row of clips around it to hold the liner properly. This pool liner is hooked onto the bead receiver’s clips on the track. As compared to overlap liners it is more expensive and difficult to install.


  • Uni-bead liners:

It is the combination of both the regular beaded and J-hook liners. You can use these liners differently, for J-hook pool, you hook the liner over top of the pools wall and for regular bead pool you can cut the J-hook liner part and truck the bead inside your bead receiver. This liner is often used in above ground pools. It is simple to remove and it offers w wide range of pattern and color.

Hence, this information will guide the customers which pool liner will suit you best from all angles, be it from budget or durability. It will give an idea how often you should go for maintenance.

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