Tips for Hosting a Successful Financial Advisor Conference

Having talked at numerous seminars on the themes of digital marketing and the latest social networking, I Have seen the gamut of great, bad, and awful in regards to hosting an occasion. It is difficult.

In this blog post I needed to change things up a bit and give you a few of topics and the applications tips on how to make use of them to make the next financial advisor seminar successful and I Have been seeing at conventions lately.



Think advisers aren’t on Twitter? Believe again! During my keynote demos I regularly ask the crowd to raise their hand when they’ve a Twitter account. In 2014, I am happy to report, I’ve consistently seen go up. And those accounts are being USED by them. So just how could you get your convention hashtag to take off? Here are a couple of suggestions:

1) Boost. Encourage. Boost. Every piece of signage, printed content, email, conference badge, demo, etc. should proudly exhibit the conference hashtag.

2) Engage in the business Twitter handle. You’d not be aware of how many businesses are hushed on Twitter during their very own event, although this probably sounds just like a no brainer. Engage and connect to the audience and help drive traffic to speaking sessions and also the exhibit hall. FPA did a fantastic job with this.

3) Leverage the speakers. Leading up to the event, support all speakers to include the hashtag in the footer of the PowerPoint slides and boost leading up to and through the event from their Twitter accounts.

An active hashtag not only encourages dialogue and participation among those live the occasion, it also helps others follow along who were unable to attend and helps spread awareness for future occasions.

8-2Business Consultant Longue

For their capability to offer substantive, in depth, one on one support to advisers, “Consulting” or “seller” couches are among a few of the newest monetary seminar tendencies I Have begun to value. However, many people are wanting to get it done and few are doing it nicely.

1) First and foremost, in case your aim of sponsoring an educational couch will be to help attendees, different vendor booths from advisors. Designated places offer an environment conducive to learning as well as a safe haven in the seller that is inescapable yet invasive pitches.

2) Provide attendees with a chance to allow a committed appointment time. This allows for devoted time to deal with individual inquiries and concerns and is a great advantage for attendees.

3) Organization is essential. This is often handled economically and simply with text messages.