Necessity of a Mobile-Friendly Website for a Booming SEO Strategy

Still, there are many organizations who’re unaware about the importance of the mobile-friendly website, maybe because they don’t have sufficient resource or can’t see its significance! But, it’s vital for the businesses understand the importance of mobile optimized site to continue being relevant in the leading search engines like Google. So, it’s the time that every business must have a mobile friendly website to get succeed in their SEO strategies.

Here are the top 3 reasons why businesses must have a mobile-friendly website-

More Mobile Visits

As, the number of mobile users is increasing almost daily, so more people are surfing the Internet on their smartphones or the tablets. That’s why Google, now categorizes the websites with the tag “mobile-friendly” in the mobile search results, for the sites which are well-optimized for the mobile. Not having a mobile-optimized site can indeed have an adverse impact on the CTR, or click-through rate of the website. For instance— if a person searches for anything on their mobile, and among the top 5 results, almost 4 of them have a tag of “mobile-friendly”, then undoubtedly that person will prefer to the sites which are identified by Google as mobile friendly. The influence of this over time is,fewer CTR for the websites which are not mobile-optimized, and higher CTR for the one that are!


Better Mobile Rankings

Google nowadays are penalizing the sites in the mobile search results which are not mobile-friendly to make sure that websites which are mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized rank higher in the search results and let the mobile searchers have good experience of surfing the website. Though, Google is now using the “mobile-friendly” title as a key factor for ranking to support the websites which are well optimized for mobile, along with downgrading those that are not.

Google recently has posted on their blog, announcing about the latest “mobile-friendly” labels:

“We can see that the label of mobile friendly is assisting the mobile users to have a better experience of the mobile web. And, we’re also trying out using the mobile friendly criteria as one of the key ranking signal.”

More Revenue Generation

If increasing the rankings and CTRs to the website isn’t adequate reason to be mobile-friendly, then buoyantly lost revenue is!Not having a mobile-friendly website at the era where lots of people are searching for products and services through mobile, can be harmful.

Final words:

If your website is not mobile friendly, or not optimized for the mobile, then it may indeed result in the loss of revenue for your online business. You can also attend a good Internet Marketing Conference to know about the latest trends of SEO. You mustn’t forget that you’re here for satisfying the customers and their needs. You should adapt the changes and tailor your strategies accordingly to line up with the expectations of the customers. Maybe your potential customers will find out the path of least struggle, and that path may lead straightaway to your competitors in case you don’t have a mobile friendly site and they have.

Hence, ensure that your online business has an effective SEO strategy in 2015 along with a mobile-friendly website, and take full advantage of more click-through rate (CTR), higher rankings, and most notably, increased revenue.