How Stem Cell Storage is Beneficial for your Child Heart Beat?

Stem cells of cord blood have many functions of its own but there are some functions that make them unique and special and they are as follows:

They are the cells that have not developed for perfuming exact function which means that have the ability to produce as well as to divide having the potential of becoming more cells of specified types like organ and tissues. These cells are new plus the tissue are used for repairing or replacing cells that are diseased and damaged in the human body.

As the cells gets differentiated, their ability of forming multiple types of different cells get reduced and they become committed to become a type of cell that does a particular function, as for instance the stem cells of skin grows skin cells of new type for assisting the regeneration after damaging of skin or as the process of normal aging.

Newborn baby and his father's hand - care and safety concept

Cells of the stem have the ability to divide plus to produce the copies of themselves that leads to the self-renewal. As the cell has become specialized like as differentiated with an organ or tissue of particular type, it get minimum capacity for self-renewal by producing new cells of stem but in spite of all it produces the cells that are relevant to the type of organ.

The stem cells ability to replace the cells that are damaged or disease has the potential of inducing stem cells for development of different cells has taken as interest of the researcher to great level like with:

  • Uses of stem cell.

  • How the stem cells of umbilical cord are different from the stem cells of an adult?

  • What is the thing that makes stem cells lining of the cord so important?

  • The cells of the stem are used for treating many disease which includes immunity, disorders of blood and diseases of cancer.


The benefit of using stem cells of umbilical blood cord is they have a very lower risk of transmission of the disease that are infectious. The benefit is particular because of the cord blood of umbilical is never been contaminated with the virus of Epstein-Barr.

For checking any kind of infection, you can test the mother knowing the full detail of infections like the virus of human deficiency of immune, syphilis and hepatitis extra. So save the cord blood banking securing the future of your child’s health in the most effective and efficient manner.