Helpful Precautions to Beat Dental Problems!

Good oral care habits go a long way in defining one’s overall health. A dental problem can have more negative consequences than one can even think of. In fact, many doctors say that the root causes of a majority of health problems originate from bad dental care. Hence, it is very important for one to take care of one’s gums and teeth to avoid cavities. Unhealthy gums make the mouth very sore and that in turn creates difficulties for even the simplest acts like eating and smiling.

The most important and routinely recommended tip is to brush the teeth thoroughly twice a day. The brushing needs to be properly directed towards all sides of the teeth and needs to last at least for two long minutes. If there is confusion regarding the brushing techniques, one can also always ask a dentist for a free demonstration. The reason behind the importance of brushing before going to sleep is that the mouth does not have the same salivary protection during the night as it does during the day. Hence, brushing during the night removes the damage caused by plaque and other toxins.

What many people do not know is that our teeth have five different sides to it. But, a toothbrush can cleanse only 3 of them. The in-between areas, i.e. the other two sides are where much of the bacteria, foul odors, destruction and disease originate. These remaining sides require additional cleaning – through dental floss or small inter-dental brushes that can reach the smaller gips under the contact points of the teeth. Under any circumstances, it is not advisable to ignore these things because gum diseases are linked to life-threatening illnesses such as heart-disease, stroke, diabetes etc.

A tongue scraper is also an important tool that can be of tremendous help. It is a vital part of oral hygiene because it can do wonders in curing bad breath. It can be used to remove the plaque on the tongue, which will freshen the breath and also slow down the accumulation of plaque on the teeth. A fluoride mouthwash is also a good choice to cure bad breath as well as strengthen tooth enamel. The best time to rinse with a mouthwash is before you bit the bed.


Dietary precautions also help in maintaining good oral health. Constant snacking can cause plaque to build up on teeth and that can in turn increase the risk of getting cavities. Hence, it is good to avoid snacking constantly. Sugary and sticky foods also bring in a lot of bacteria in the mouth and also aid in breakage of the tooth enamel. So, it’s advised to avoid such sweetened foods.

Apart from the above, keep visiting your dentist regularly at least once in every six months or every time you have a problem with the teeth or mouth. Schedule a professional cleaning session with a licensed dentist or orthodontist at least twice a year.