CITB SSSTS Training Course is the ‘One’ to Get More Girls into the Construction Field?

Over time, the building market continues to be controlled by guys. A few of this might be down the physical character of certain deals, but this does not move the entire approach to describing it. Society and the media have had a turn in the way in which the construction market seems, with gender orientated marketing as well as the opinion that girls can’t get into this market.

However, we are now living in a modern world, where equality is not only expected, but additionally valued. The reality of the situation is, the building market has in fact found a rise in female employees in the last few decades, which will be very good. But, the amounts are nevertheless not sufficient to represent equivalence and definitely more should and might be carried out to motivate them to become not only enter into the industry, but also to remain the industry as well.

Senior Level Positions

Senior Level PositionsNow there are several female employees in senior-level positions that are carrying out an excellent job at supporting women employed in the construction industry, also initiating for change. Yet, perhaps more can be carried out to make these females less of an exemption and more of the “standard”; showing how to achieve success on the market aside from the gender, to motivate more females to follow the match.

In addition, we must take into account the environment of the working environment as well. Lots of construction sites nevertheless have almost no variety or equivalence and are usually male orientated, letting them possibly feel the unappealing and inhospitable to women employees. This could be for the on-site services to a degree of security on site.

By making the environment of the workplace more varied, perhaps with shared services along with enhanced site safety might make building a more viable career option for women. Courses such as the CITB SSSTS and SMSTS may create an important big difference to how sites work when it comes to safety and also would ensure groups are totally aware and thoughtful of the co-workers and the environment of working.


sssts courseTraining and instruction is a really significant factor for motive, therefore ensure employees feel energized and completely proficient, whether they are male or female employees. Now there’s almost very less training or education that encourages female employees in construction field.

By critiquing the understanding of the business at the foundation level of instruction in schools, from instructors and career guidance, solutions, we can also assist the younger generation to be more conscious of the changes for both women and men in the construction market.

Surely by creating construction sites more health and safety focused with different training courses, more diversity and equality will move an extended approach making them much more inviting and accessible to females.