6 New Statistics for Social Media

My buddies over at Social Media Examiner only released their 2014 Social Media Advertising Business Report. It is a survey of from around the world, asking marketers 2,800 about their approaches and strategies for social media use.

Here is the 6th annual variation of the report, and that I suggest you catch yourself a copy right here. It is not perfect research as the participants are self-chosen and are mostly small-scale company (65% are in firms with 25 or fewer workers). On the other hand, the non-USA involvement is quite fine (40%) and there is undoubtedly a great smattering of participants that have been doing social media professionally for quite some time.

The entire report is 50 pages, and I am sure that you will uncover a number of fascinating statistical bon mots within its boundaries. But for Convert & Convince readers, here are the 9 social media figures what they actually mean, and I find fascinating.


68% of marketers plan to improve their blogging in the close future

This is the #1 strategy that marketers said they needed to do which is staggering the adulthood of given blogging. Not asked was whether that increase will be via sites that are owned, or on third party idea aggregators like Linkedin and Medium.

64% of marketers plan to boost contribution that is Linkedin in the close future

This makes perfect sense in my experience, as I intersect always who’ve looked out on Linkedin for a long time and so are only awakening as a content and communication platform. Really bullish on Linkedin am I, particularly since they’ve done a fine job of keeping it junk- for the large part.

So 21% of these survey takers saying they would like to Increase podcasting in the Future

Just 6% of respondents now use podcasting. I have been doing Societal Professionals for around 27 months, and that I feel just like a grizzled podcasting veteran.


43% of marketers possess a mobile-optimized site

That is a rise from 28% a year ago, but is still low. In case the site is on WordPress, including a cellular optimization that is decent plugin is a matter that is minor. The scenario that is most effective, nevertheless, would be to develop the site with cellular in thoughts, as we did when we relaunched this site lately.

92% of marketers say social media has yielded exposure for their company

My heart breaks this is the main reason why their social networking involvement is defended by marketers. The situation with this particular metric is the premise that “exposure” is innately of value.

72% of marketers say social media helps them develop loyal enthusiasts

Now that is a success metric I can adopt. Again, I am talking here about Facebook, Twitter et al where communicating is normally seen by you from businesses you decide to follow.