15 Best Tips You Ought To Know About Solving Mind-Scratching Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are one of the oldest sections of numerous daily newspapers. The popularity of crossword puzzle increases in 1913, when Arthur Wynne printed the first crossword problem within the New York World, puzzlers all around the world have thrilled in these mind-scratching games

And there is more than just fun to solve crossword puzzles; some reports show that constantly solving puzzles like Sudoku or crosswords might help you boost up your memory power, and could lower mental loss with growing age. Crossword puzzles are an effective way to increase your general knowledge and vocabulary.

Some crosswords are easy, some aren’t. The popular New York Times’ Sunday crossword problem is among the toughest out there, which isn’t for the faint-hearted people. But-don’t get sad — there are many tricks out there which will help you become an expert crossword puzzle solver.

You don’t need to be an expert in solving the crossword puzzle to enjoy filling out easy or even more challenging puzzles. But you can enjoy yourself even more solving crossword puzzle if you keep these easy tips while solving puzzles:

1. Don’t start solving the hardest:

Many people presume the Sunday NYT crossword puzzle is the most difficult, however, many crossword fans take Saturday’s puzzles to be the hardest.

The crossword puzzle starts mild on Mondays and gradually gets harder as the week goes by, therefore if you’re a newbie, start with Monday crossword puzzle and later move on to solving later-week puzzles.

2. Find the most frustrating

Most Saturday crossword puzzles, plus some daily puzzles, possess a “theme” which is extremely hard to figure out. They are a real pain in the ass, but it will take you to the right track towards solving crossword puzzles once you have it.


The moment you know what is the theme of the crossword puzzle, you’ll easily crack the fill out the whole crossword.

3. Watch out for the consistency on the basis of a first name.

Geena Davis is the name of the actress who played the character of ‘Dottie hinston’ in “A League of Their Own”. If the clue of the puzzle had asked ‘Dottie’ in “A League of Their Own,” the clear answer is Geena, but if the clue is ‘Hinston’ in “A League of their Own”; the answer to the Puzzle will be Davis.

4. Tenses will always complement each other

The tense of a crossword puzzle always matched up with the tense of the clue. For example: “Border on” is ABUT, though “Borders on” could be ABUTS. If the clue to an answer is in past tense, the answer to a puzzle will also be in past tense

5. Take a short break if you get confused.

Sometimes putting a crossword puzzle down and taking a short break to refresh your brain is the best thing to do if you get stumped. All of the great crossword solvers also cannot count how many times they’ve been caught on a puzzle regardless of how long they wrestle, they end up getting nowhere.

6. A question ending with a question mark will make you cry harder.

Jun19 copy

Crossword questions ending with a question mark indicate that the clue is a double entendre or a pun. A few examples from the recent Sunday NYT crossword puzzles is listed below:

Circular Parts? – ADS

Mental Block? – Rubikscude

Remember, the NYT is known for being a tiny tad stodgy.

7. Watch out for homonyms and pronunciation. “Tumbler” is a kind of glass yet also refer to as acrobat. Similarly, “Sewer” is drainage system, but also refer to a person who sews stuff.

8. If you get confused by one missing letter, look out every letter of the alphabet till you have it right.

Mordo crosswords solutions

9. If the clue to an answer involves an acronym, the answer is likely to be shortened. “Govt.-granted identification,” yeilds the clear answer SSN, the abbreviation of “Social Security Number.” But there’s an exclusion when the acronym is a part of a police or a military name: like Det. John Brannson, despite the fact that his “Detective” title is shortened

10. If the clue contains a foreign phrase inside it, so will the solution. “Members of la familia” are Tíos, the Spanish term for “uncles.”

11. Look out for plurals as a clue in Crossword puzzle.

Like the answer to the question “Soup Kitchen needs” will be LADLES since there’s more than a single “need.” There are times when knowing an item will end in “S” let you fill its last square, possibly letting you solve a whole crossing word. Beware, of the sly Latin plurals (let’s say, RADII the plural for RADIUS).

12. Learn Roman Numerals.

In roman numerals, placing a small number before a larger number indicates you’re subtracting it. Therefore, if a puzzle contains a roman numeral XLVII, it means 47.

13. Try to learn the “crosswordese.”

Crosswordese are a bunch of words often present in NYT crossword puzzles but rarely found in daily conversation. Few of the common crosswordese are listed below:

  • AGAR means Laboratory culture method

  • AMO means Love in Spanish

  • ANOA refers to Asian buffalo

  • ORO means Gold in Spanish

And a whole lot more. Learning crosswordese can help you solve the puzzles really quickly.


14. Don’t interconnect different records

Are you changing your mind between many possible solutions, or perhaps just throwing darts in the dark? There are times when you think you know the right answer, but you cannot be 100% sure.

15. Look up the solution, if you’re in doubt

Clearly, many people think that this is CHEATING by looking at the crossword solution!!! But to be straight, it kind of is. But if you’re solving the crossword puzzle to boost your brain efficiency and timing, sometimes you need just one clue and you’re golden. As time moves, you can stop yourself from browsing into Google for a solution, or set some ground rules for yourself. You can also solve puzzles by having references from knowledge sources like an encyclopedia or the dictionary. Try increasing your area of knowledge and learn local, national and foreign languages and start memorizing new things. If you apply these strategies, nobody on earth can stop you from being a great crossword puzzle solver.

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